Hire Pro Group are the found fathers of HireLebanese.com which is the number one most visited website in Lebanon for recruiting. The website has more than 150,000 job seekers, 15,000 employers and averages 5 million hits a month. HireLebanese.com was founded in 2006 and has helped facilitate jobs for thousand of Lebanese in Lebanon and GCC.

HireMeds.com: Hire Pro Group in a joint venture with International Health Resources and together we manage HireMeds.com which focuses on medical staff recruitment.

Hire Pro Group recently launched HireSaudi.com and HireSaudiWomen.com to support the Saudization process.

HireSaudiWomen.com to support the Saudization process.

With the latest crises in Syria Hire Pro Group is the first company to leap to the fort and start HireSyrians.org.  We are in contact with international organizations to raise awareness and support for this project. HireSyrians.org aim is to organize Syrian refugees world wide into one center database listing their CVs, skills and professions. We will then provide governments of host countries with free access to the database of CVs and help the refugees find work opportunities based on their skills.

Our Clients

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